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how much are designers paid for each project?

When reviewing a new project listing, designers are able to see the client’s budget along with the amount that they will pay each designer to produce logo design concepts.  This amount is dependent on the total number of designers that the client hires for their project.  Many clients use logolance to work with one designer directly, while others choose to receive concepts from multiple designers.

In the event that the client choses to work with multiple designers, approximately 60% of the project budget is split between the designers to develop 3-6 concepts each.  The client then can choose one of the designers for the extended engagement to continue to revise and refine their design.  This designer is paid the remaining 40%.

This answer may be best illustrated by an example. The table to the left shows an example of the budget and payment detail that is provided to a designer that is reviewing a project posting. This table shows that the client’s total budget is $4,000.  In this case, the designer has chosen to work with two designers, and each designer will be paid $1,250 to develop logo design concepts.  The designer selected for the extended engagement will be paid an additional $1,500.

In the event that the client chooses to work with one designer, this designer will receive the concept payment and the final designs payment at the completion of the project. These amounts are before service fees are deducted.  The current service fee is shown within the project detail page when reviewing a project.

  • Daniel

    Please show all the amounts after service fees are deducted. Please.

  • http://twitter.com/BrandingChaps McCloskey & Shepard

    I have to admit you guys had me. I was excited about the idea of a new logo site that was going to be different from the rest of the crowdsource or auction sites out there. But the only thing different about this site is its clunky bidding process.

    No designer worth their salt is going to bother with this site the way that it currently stands. Scratch the concept breakdown and bidding process. Put the owness on the client to browse portfolios and contact designers on their own. If you don’t you’re going to continue to see the same nonsense that you are now. All you’re going to attract are company’s that aren’t serious about their brands or worse, bush-league amateurs that are looking for a bargain.

    I’m angry at myself for wasting as much time as I did uploading files to my portfolio when you were still in beta.

  • http://www.logolance.com Logolance

    You present your view that you dislike Logolance without offering any constructive critique, except for the fact that you think the “bidding” process is clunky, when in fact there is no bidding on Logolance at all. It’s clear you haven’t taken the time to fully understand how the website works.

    There are many very high quality designers that are currently using Logolance and extremely happy with the way the site works. It’s also unclear what “nonsense” you are referring to, and you’re language towards clients (even if they don’t match your target market) is very concerning and unfortunate. If you have any actual feedback we’d love to hear it to try and improve, but this is just a big rant.

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