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what is the project contract?

We provide clients with the ability to use a design contract that all designers must agree to and electronically sign before beginning work on a project.  The design contract is between client and designer, and helps lay out the responsibilities and agreements related to copyright, schedule, payment, and any other terms.  When submitting a project, clients have the ability to upload their own custom contract and/or NDA, use logolance templates, or use no contract or NDA.

As a designer, it’s very important that you read the design contract fully before accepting to work on a project.  If a client has invited you to work on a project (after you submitted your proposal) and you have problems or questions related to the contract, you should speak with the client to address your concerns.  You have the right to decline any project or request changes to the project contract before working on a project.

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    Did anyone bother reading this before they posted it?

    3. Payment. The total price for the Logo Design Concepts provided is $0 USD. The Client shall pay a deposit of $0 USD at the start of the Project (“Deposit Payment”). A final payment of $0 (“Final Payment”) is due upon Project Completion (defined below in section 6, Term). The Client may, at its sole discretion, choose to elect one of the Logo Design concepts produced by Designer as its final design (“Final Design”), at which point the Client will pay Designer an additional $0 USD for the creation and delivery of final production files in vector-based and bitmap-based image file formats.

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    If a client has chosen you for a design project? How are contracts signed electronically on Logolance?

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