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I have been selected as a designer. How do I accept or decline a project?

If a client likes your portfolio and your background and would like to hire you to their design team, you will receive an email notification with a request to review and sign the project contracts.  The link within the email will take you to the “review project request” screen, where you will notice that your proposal status has been updated to “Selected as project designer! Awaiting your acceptance to the contracts.”

You will also be presented with a form that will allow you to review the final project payment terms and formally review and sign the contracts and accept the project.  You also have the option to decline the project without signing the contracts.

At this point, you will be able to see how many designers the client intends to hire, and know exactly how much you’ll be paid to develop concepts and deliver final production files (in the event your design is chosen as the final design).  If the client chooses to hire an additional designer prior to starting the project, you will have another opportunity to review the payment terms and accept or decline the project.

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