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how is logolance different?

  1. Logolance is a premium identity design site. We’re focused on connecting uncompromising companies with highly talented freelance logo designers.
  2. We only accept projects worth your time. We focus on startups and small businesses that understand the value of a high-quality logo and are willing to invest the money to work with great designers.
  3. Logolance is not a crowdsourcing site. We never ask you to work for free or complete spec work.
  4. We offer no advantages to untalented designers and designers in emerging markets. On Logolance, there is no bidding involved since the client sets the budget. You are hired based on your background, skill set, and your portfolio.
  5. We don’t ask you to “work-for-hire” or forgo all ownership and intellectual property rights. You have the ability to negotiate your contracts before accepting a project.
  6. We want your feedback, complaints, and recommendations. We realize that if we are to be successful, it will be because we’ve been able to deliver on our goal of connecting top companies with top designers. This can’t happen unless designers are happy.
  7. We provide innovative market research technology.
  8. We want you to be successful. All of our income will be reinvested directly into the website, primarily in marketing and advertising to bring you additional clients.
  9. We respect confidential information and intellectual property. Our site is designed so that the relationship between designer and client is direct and private.
  10. We only allow high-quality designers to use our site. We do not provide membership to all designers that request it, and frequently terminate accounts for those don’t meet our standards.
  • http://infinitygraphicdesign.com/portfolio.html Stacy VanOrman

    Finally, a freelance site that cares and understands the work that goes into graphic design. I don’t know about you, but studying for years to become the best you can and than having someone expect you to do the work for $15.00 is really insulting and a disgrace to the trade.

  • Ja

    Here here Stacy. I totally agree. At last a site that puts quality first.

  • http://www.shugahdesign.com Rich Savill

    This is an extremely refreshing website to come across as a designer! I’ve ranted more than a few times about crowdsourcing websites on my blog so I am certainly going to spread the word about Logolance.

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