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how do I mantain membership? Will I be removed from logolance?

Logolance is a community of the world’s top freelance design talent, and in order to maintain our reputation and allow our designers to continue to find work through logolance, we must maintain very high standards.

There are no predefined rules or guidelines that decide which designers can maintain membership.  This is entirely at the discretion of logolance employees and managers.  However, we don’t exclude designers from logolance without reason.  If you are a high quality professional logo designer, it’s unlikely you will be expelled from logolance.

There are some things that will quickly get you excluded from using logolance:

  • Using clip art or uninspired cookie-cutter designs
  • Violating copyrights
  • Cursing, arguing, or otherwise harassing clients or designers
  • Consistently providing clients with poor design concepts
  • Consistently providing clients with poor proposals
  • Not maintaining a portfolio with a high number of quality logo design concepts
  • Consistently communicating in poor English to the point that it disrupts website communication or is unintelligible.  We understand that English is not everyone’s primary language, but we demand that logolance designers can communicate effectively with their clients.
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