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how is my logolance rating determined?

Your logolance rating is updated nightly by a proprietary algorithm that takes a number of metrics into consideration to calculate your quality and importance to the logolance design community.

These metrics include but are not limited to the following:

  • Portfolio uploaded  – is this designers portfolio uploaded with 12 or more designs?
  • Community participation – how often does this designer participate in public market research, submit articles to the daily dos or participate in discussion on the daily dos?
  • Portfolio quality bonus – only a select group of designers receive the portfolio quality bonus, which is given to exceptional portfolios by logolance staff
  • Client proposal rating – how have clients rated this designers proposals?
  • Client logo rating – how have clients rated this designers logo design concepts?
  • Portfolio link – has this designer linked to their portfolio from an external website?

At any time, each of these metrics can help, hurt, or have no effect on your overall logolance rating.

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