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how does logolance help provide accurate research results?

To start, we offer several ways to control access to your market research page.  You can choose not to make the research public through Logolance, which will mean that only those people that have access to your custom unique URL can participate in your research.  You can also define a private password for your research page – so, even if someone knew the URL, they would still need the password to access.

We also ensure that only one vote can be cast for each question per email address. In order for a vote to count, we require that each participant validate their email account by clicking on a link within an auto-generated email.  In an additional step to guard against spam and automation, we require each participant to complete a ReCaptcha Spam test (i.e., the images with blurry and scrambled letters) after submitting (but before tallying) their initial vote.

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