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can I customize our market research page?

Yes, we allow you to customize your market research page online in many different ways:

  • Custom URL: Customize the URL by choosing your own subdomain.  Your market research interface will be available online at sudomain.design.logolance.com.
  • Header Image: Upload your own image to serve as the page header.  This can be a maximum width of 960 pixels, maximum height of 200.  The image will be scaled if the width/height exceeds these bounds.  The ideal size is 960 pixels wide and between 0-200 pixels tall.
  • Research Title: This is used as the title to your market research campaign through email. When someone participates in the research project, they must validate their email address (to ensure 1 vote per person).  This is done by clicking on a link from an email that is automatically generated by Logolance.  The Research Title is the title for your project that will be included in the validation email to your participants.
  • Intro Text: Provide your own text to serve as the introduction to the questionnaire.
  • Make Public: Choose to make your research project public through Logolance so you can receive participation from designers and other Logolance users.
  • Password: Define an optional password to your research page, so that only those you invite may have access.
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