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can I collect research data from different market segments?

Yes, the flexibility of the market research interface allows you to collect data from different market segments.  To explain how this works, let’s consider that you own a clothing store that is re-branding in attempts to attract a hipper, younger crowd,  and you want to analyze the impact of a new logo design on various age segments.  You could accomplish this through the following process:

  • Upload the current logo design through the market interface, in order to compare it with the top two new logo design concepts.
  • In order to collect research data by market segment, you’ll need to conduct research on each segment at different times, so you know who is answering the questions.  In this example, you choose to first poll your customers that are under 30 years old.
  • Create your market research questions and define a private password within the market research settings that is unique to this segment.
  • Send out a communication to all of your customers that match this segment and let them know that they have two weeks to respond (or whatever time frame you choose).
  • After two weeks, deactivate all of the current questions and create new questions that are duplicates.  This allows you to collect new research data on the same question without combining the data from each segment.
  • Create a new private password within the market research settings.  This will ensure that no other market segments can access.
  • Send out a communication to all customers that match the second segment.
  • After the research is complete, you’ll have separate data collected for each market segment!
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